The Net Zero Carbon Supplier Tool

The UK is committed in law to meet Net Zero by 2050. This ambitious climate action is vital to ensure that we limit the average global temperature rise to well below 2⁰C, thereby preventing the most dangerous impacts of climate change. The government is requesting all businesses regardless of size to commit to meet Net Zero by 2050 or sooner, and only those with a Carbon Reduction Plan are able to bid for government contracts (£5M+ turnover).

This Tool has been developed for the Higher Education sector by Nottingham Trent University and NETpositive Futures and is now being used by 32 universities. Universities can access this single tool to calculate their supply chain emissions and to understand how suppliers are responding to the shared challenge of climate change.

It is free and simple to use for suppliers, and, by working through each stage you will receive a carbon reduction action plan which includes your businesses carbon footprint. If you have already calculated your carbon footprint and committed to take action, you can simply provide your carbon footprint and a link to your action plan.

Having one tool for the sector reduces workload for suppliers and universities - only one account is required per business. Simply tick all those universities that you supply to enable them to view your plan and emissions data.

Our FAQs provide information on what you will need to create your action plan and who to contact should you need any support. We have also created a video walkthrough demonstrating how to create your action plan.

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